Bookmobile has been printing short runs for Button Poetry the last two years, and earlier this year we began to do eBook conversions for them as well. Button Poetry is a Minneapolis-based organization that started publishing books in 2013, and has experienced huge success!

Poetry Performances on YouTube

A year before a book is published, Button Poetry starts sharing videos of the poet performing, building the audience for the poet and book. With over 1.3 million Facebook followers and 803,285 YouTube subscribers, they’ve grown an amazing community of poetry readers.

For example, the author Sabrina Benaim’s poetry performance video of “Explaining My Depression to My Mother” went viral (over five million views and counting), resulting in a first print run of 25,000 for her book Depression & Other Magic Tricks (quickly followed by a reprint of 15,000 copies). You can read more about Button Poetry’s success in Publisher’s Weekly: “Is Poetry the New Adult Coloring Book?”

Bookmobile Printing

While our short-run printing isn’t the best option for a run of 25,000 copies, we provide a great fit for Button Poetry’s backlist titles. We typically print between 500 and 2,000 copies of a title for Button, ship part of the run to the publisher in Minneapolis, and the remainder to their California-based distributor, SCB.

Bookmobile’s pricing is competitive with offset printing up to about 2- to 3,000 copies. And with clean files and a quick okay to print on proofs, we will often turn a black-and-white paperback around in two weeks or less. Button Poetry’s titles are typically 5-½” x 8-½”, a black ink only interior on 60-lb. natural at 436 PPI, and perfect bound with a 4-color cover on 10-pt. C1S stock with matte or gloss lay flat lamination.

eBook Conversion Services

Button Poetry began working with Bookmobile for eBook conversions of their poetry earlier this year. We bring our 34 years of design and typesetting know-how to eBook conversion and we know how to work with poetry eBook conversions as well.

Our eBook conversion is competitively priced, and all eBook conversions go through a rigorous Comprehensive Quality Check after the base conversion. We test conversions on the most frequently used eBook devices, then provide you with proofs. Interested in an eBook conversion estimate? Contact us!