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How to check your eBook conversions from Bookmobile.

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About eBook Resources

Clients Receive:

  • EPUB—the eBook file for the iPad, Nook, and more.
    • We recommend the eBook files be viewed on a tablet. For EPUB files, we recommend viewing on an iPad in the iBooks app.
  • .jpg —the cover for the eBook file (this file is embedded in the EPUB, prc, and MOBI files).

Clients Requesting Conversion for Amazon’s Kindle Receive:

  • MOBI—the eBook file for the Kindle.
    • We recommend the eBook files be viewed on a tablet. For MOBI files, we recommend viewing on a Kindle tablet.
  • .prc —the eBook file to upload to Amazon.

Clients Requesting a Web-Ready PDF Receive:

An Important Caveat:

Making eBooks from PDF files created with different fonts and page layout software by different designers creates an inherent challenge: conversions are almost never perfect. The only way to ensure a perfect conversion is to do a line-by-line proofreading of the converted file against the original. While Bookmobile performs a long list of quality checks on each title converted, our team members do not proofread line-by-line unless specifically requested by the publisher. We highly recommend that eBooks created from printed originals be proofread line-by-line, because those conversions have much higher error rates. Books typeset at Bookmobile have fewer conversion errors because of our workflow. Line-by-line proofreading services involve an additional charge beyond our base conversion and Comprehensive Quality Check services.

Our Comprehensive Quality Check:

  • Check link, footnote, and Table of Contents functionality.
  • Review basic formatting against original PDF.
  • Scan for character conversion and diacritical issues.
  • Evaluate charts, graphs, and images for quality.
  • Ensure treatment of tables is optimal.
  • Ensure thumbnail cover images render properly.
  • Add client-supplied eBook ISBN.
  • Verify metadata is included in EPUB.
  • Review EPUB file in Adobe Digital Editions, on the iPad, and on the Nook.
  • Review the converted EPUB to MOBI file on the Kindle Fire tablet.
  • Check for issues that cause problems with particular eBook resellers.
  • Validate with EPUB file checking tool (essential for distribution to resellers).
  • Implement any special review requests from the publisher.
  • Fix any issues discovered during the processes listed above.


eBook Distribution


Bookmobile offers eBook distribution services. For more information, please contact us.