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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bookmobile provides book printing, graphic design, and other resources to support book publishers in an ever-changing environment. Superior quality, excellent customer service, flexibility, and timely turnarounds have attracted over 1,100 satisfied clients to Bookmobile, including trade houses, university presses, independent publishers, museums, galleries, artists, and more.

A new title for sale on Artmobile is Rust Belt Review Volume 2! Recognize the editor? Our own CSR Sean Knickerbocker is also a cartoonist, and a publisher now too. Rust Belt Review is an ongoing comics anthology featuring serialized and short fiction comics.

Praise for Rust Belt Review

An indie dream for a new kind of storytelling. — Colin Moon, AIPT

These works range far and wide, from the gritty urban SF of Andrew Greenstone, to Audra Stang's teen soap opera, from the philosophically reflective digital musings of Juan Fernandez to the apogean satire of M.S. Harkness, and from Caleb Orecchio's slapstick humor to Knickerbocker's rustbelt noir. An unexpected and rewarding mix. — Bill Boichel, Copacetic Comics

Buy Volumes 1 and 2 here.

Sean published the first edition of Volume 1 before Artmobile was live, and was excited to use it for a reprint of Volume 1 . . . and the first printing of Volume 2. As an independent publisher, Artmobile gives Sean an easy platform for online sales—Sean doesn’t need to worry about storing cartons of books, managing credit card payments, or shipping orders.

From Sean,

With Artmobile, I have a partner that reliably prints quality books while also handling online sales through their online store and through Amazon. Artmobile frees up my time and allows me to focus more on editorial tasks and less on the logistics of e-commerce. 

Selling Your Book with Artmobile

Artmobile is an independent online bookstore for a variety of books—Artmobile sells art books, photography books, coloring books, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and more. Books on sale at Artmobile were printed at Bookmobile. 

Why Artmobile for the retail side? Artmobile fills the gap for creators, authors, and independent publishers who:

  • Need an ISBN
  • Want to sell their book online but don’t want to manage a website shopping cart
  • Want to have their book on Amazon (without having to do that themselves)
  • Is okay NOT selling their books in physical bookstores (Barnes & Noble, etc.)

Affiliate Sales at Artmobile

Program highlights

  • You’ll earn a 7.5% commission for every purchase made by people you refer.
  • From the Artmobile affiliate dashboard you will be able to keep track of clicks, referred sales and commissions earned..
  • You’ll get commissions paid out monthly.

How to get started

  • Sign up using the form here. You must already have a title with Artmobile to sign up!
  • Create a custom affiliate link pointing to the Artmobile.com page for your book.
  • Share your unique affiliate link via email, social media or text message to drive traffic to your book’s page.
  • Generate sales and get rewarded 7.5% commission on every sale, including any book on Artmobile.com!

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