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Book Design, Offset Printing, and eBook Conversion

Since the early 1980s, Bookmobile has provided quality book design and offset printing management services. We manage the production and printing for some of the finest trade, literary, and university presses in the United States, along with a variety of self-publishers.

In 2008, we added eBook conversion and eBook distribution to our service offerings. There are many eBook converters, but few match Bookmobile’s quality control. We polish your conversions, test on the most frequently used devices, and ensure that your eBook files are validated for resale on eBook vendor sites. Then we help you get your eBook into the hands of your readers.

Recent Work

Book Design

Craft your dream book—from prose to poetry to coffee table artists books. Our small but mighty team of book designers bring a wealth of expertise to all book projects, big and small. 

Offset Printing

Secure the lowest print pricing through our network of offset printers. We’ll help you determine the best type of printing based on your project goals. Then we’ll get you the best deal to fit within your budget and walk you through every step in the process.

eBook Conversion

Since 2008, Bookmobile has been providing high-quality eBook conversion services to our clients. We produce eBook files at a reasonable cost, paying special attention to each book’s unique formatting and design requirements. At Bookmobile, we enjoy working closely with our clients throughout the conversion process, enabling us to provide validated eBooks with beautiful display.