Make plans now to see the founder and CEO of Bookmobile, Don Leeper, moderate Raise Your Revenue and Increase Your Profit Margins with Direct-to-Consumer Sales on June 4th at BookExpo America 2012, 9:30 AM to 10:20 AM, Location 1E04.

Panelists are:
Molly Koecher, Vice President and General Manager of CarTech, Inc.
John Oakes, co-publisher of OR Books
Keith Shay, CEO of Ware-Pak

Direct-to-Consumer Sales (D2C) are an indispensable sales channel for publishers. Savvy publishers are taking advantage of DTC sales and are growing their earning potential by establishing social relationships with a targeted audience for future sales. By selling directly to the consumer, publishers earn the full retail price of their products, which translates into higher profit margins. Publishers are strengthening their brands and creating loyal communities for future titles and products.

This informative session will help publishers learn how to fulfill online eBook sales and the logistics of print fulfillment. Also discussed will be the real-life experiences of creating a successful promotional marketing campaign, building a consumer-focused website, and how to best take advantage of Print-on-Demand.

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