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Selling eBooks Direct-to-Consumer

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Selling eBooks direct-to-consumer from your own website can be a challenge. Bookmobile makes it easy to fulfill both eBooks and printed books directly to consumers, and to send promotional copies and bulk orders. Let Bookmobile handle all the back end functions so you can focus on driving sales.

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About Selling eBooks Direct-to-Consumer

First, clients give Bookmobile print files for titles on their website. Then, clients set up their website to send orders to the Bookmobile system (we can help with this, too). That’s it—Bookmobile takes care of the rest.

For eBooks, Bookmobile converts print PDFs into high-quality reflowable EPUBs or web-ready PDFs. Bookmobile then fulfills eBook orders from your website, using Adobe Content Server 4 to apply digital rights management.

Bookmobile promises robust and reliable website reporting functionality, including automatic order placement from eCommerce websites and the ability to view status information for all orders.

Bookmobile is an Adobe Solutions Provider for ACS4. Bookmobile enables clients to sell copy-protected eBooks from their own websites. Integrating this capability takes programming skills.


Frequently Asked Questions about ACS4

Q: What is ACS4?

A: ACS4 is digital rights management software used to add DRM to eBooks. ACS4 is developed by Adobe Systems and is designed to protect and distribute Adobe eBooks in PDF or EPUB form through Adobe Digital Editions and on readers like the B&N Nook and Sony Reader.


Q: What is Adobe Digital Editions?

A: Adobe Digital Editions is eBook reader software from Adobe Systems built using Adobe Flash. It is used for acquiring, managing, and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications. Adobe Digital Editions is a free download. It works on Macs and PCs.


Q: How do I know if ACS4 is a good fit for me?

A: ACS4 is a good fit for who sell books through websites and who can use a programmer to set up the interface.


Q: How does it work?

A: You advertise the eBook on your website. The customer adds the eBook to your website’s shopping cart and checks out. After they check out, your website sends a message to Bookmobile’s content system. Our content system sends a link back to your website. Your website provides this link to the customer either in an email or on a web page. When the customer clicks the link, the eBook is downloaded.


Q: Will the customer need to have or download Adobe Digital Editions?

A: Yes, they’ll need Adobe Digital Editions (free download) to read it on their computer. Or, they can download to their eBook reader and use a third-party reader app like Bluefire Reader.


Q: Is Adobe Digital Editions capable of reading both protected PDF and EPUB files?

A: Yes, PDF and EPUB are the two formats supported by Adobe.


Q: Can I offer the same product in both PDF format and EPUB format to a customer?

A: Yes, you can sell both a PDF and EPUB with DRM.


Q: Is it also possible for a customer to download a book for the Amazon Kindle (MOBI format)?

A: No, the MOBI format is not supported by Adobe DRM.


Q: What eReaders are supported?

A: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nook, Kobo, and other tablets using a third-party reading app like Bluefire Reader. Adobe Digital Editions can be used on a Mac or PC. However, it does not work with the Kindle.


Q: If a customer downloads a book in either PDF or EPUB, can they transfer the book to a friend to read once they are done with the book? If so, what happens to the document they downloaded?

A: With ACS4, a variety of permissions can be set on a per-fulfillment basis or as a standard across the board. This includes a setting that allows individual readers to see the downloaded document on their own devices but not to loan or give the document to a friend.


Q: Can a customer print parts of or a whole book? If so, can ACS4 specify how many times a book can be printed? Can a different pricing structure be assigned to books that can be printed and those that cannot be printed?

A: ACS4 can specify if parts or a whole book can be printed and how many times, but this involves custom programming. The pricing structure is assigned on your end.


Q: What is the financial arrangement for using / hosting ACS4 from Bookmobile?

A: Please contact us!


Q: If, in the future, we decide to use ACS4 ourselves, what happens to our arrangement?

A: Bookmobile disables support on our end. You would have to build your own system around ACS4 as we have—ACS4 is not an install-and-run piece of software. It only provides about a third of the functionality needed to deliver eBooks.