Automated Replenishment


Automated Replenishment Program

Print-on-Demand Benefits, Bookmobile Quality

At Bookmobile, we are passionate about every aspect of the printing process. A book funneled through a production line that relies on bar coding and is never seen by human eyes will never match the quality Bookmobile achieves printing short runs with our experienced staff monitoring quality. Our ARP program combines the benefits of POD with Bookmobile quality.

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Print-on-Demand Benefits, with Bookmobile Quality: About Automated Replenishment

Add additional sales without adding additional inventory and don’t pay for printing until the book is sold. Sound like POD? It’s not—it’s Bookmobile’s Automated Replenishment Program. With ARP, Bookmobile prints and stores a small inventory for every title, manages that inventory, and reprints as needed. Bookmobile ARP ensures that clients always have stock on hand and never print too many books.

As with POD, with ARP clients are only billed for printing when a book is sold. Unlike POD, with Bookmobile ARP clients receive fanatical attention to quality and Bookmobile’s incredible array of printing and binding options.

Our ARP client list includes successful publishers like OR Books, The College Art Association, and Orion Society. These publishers sell the majority of their titles Direct-to-Consumer to receive a bigger cut of the retail price, but clients can also use ARP to create inventory for a distributor’s warehouse.

With Bookmobile ARP, clients can take advantage of Bookmobile’s options. We custom fit our process to client need. ARP requires a minimum of five titles that sell at least 15 copies per month. Get started with pricing now.

Features and Benefits

  • Pay for printing only when books are sold.
  • Never run out of stock.
  • Maintain minimal inventory at distributor, avoiding storage fees.
  • Receive big discounts on bulk orders and larger print runs.
  • Fulfill orders automatically from distribution system, website, web form, or custom feed.
  • Drop ship to distributors, consumers, subscribers, or special sales customers.
  • Drop ship for office copies or events.
  • Drop ship from Excel mailing lists uploaded to Bookmobile’s eFirst portal for review copies or subscriptions.
  • Enjoy more options while maintaining minimum inventory levels.


Frequently Asked Questions about ARP

Q: What is ARP?

A: Bookmobile maintains book inventory and reprints as needed based on a title’s sales history. Clients don’t pay for the printing of the books inventoried until the book sells or a drop ship order is placed.


Q: How does it work?

A: Clients furnish title materials (interior, cover, metadata), and Bookmobile preps titles for ARP. Bookmobile then sends clients hard copy, electronic, or no proofs, depending on client preference.


Clients set up an API feed from their website to post orders to Bookmobile. Clients can also enter orders manually or upload Excel files for large mailings.


Bookmobile prints, packs, and drop ships orders to consumers or retailers. We can insert press releases, as well.


Bookmobile provides weekly statements and invoices for printing and shipping.


Q: How do I know if ARP is a good fit for me?

A: ARP is a good fit for clients with at least five titles for ARP and more than 15 orders per title per month. If books are sold through client websites, a programmer must set up the interface with Bookmobile’s site.


Q: Does Bookmobile take orders directly from my customers?

A: Yes, if you choose. If you’re not able to sell books through your own website, you can link to the Itasca Books website, and we will handle the credit card processing and other services for you.


Q: Do I have the same options for paper stocks, trim size, and lamination as I do for regular printing at Bookmobile?

A: Yes. Pricing for ARP covers only the basic book specs, but Bookmobile happily quotes other options at your request.


Q: How does ordering work?

A: Clients or client websites electronically post orders to the Bookmobile system. Bookmobile prints, packs, and drop ships orders to consumers or retailers. Clients track orders online, and Bookmobile bills clients for production and shipping.


Q: What kinds of files does Bookmobile accept?

A: PDF or hard copy to scan.


Q: How much does shipping cost? How does Bookmobile ship?

A: Shipping is charged at the published rates; there are a wide variety of shipping methods to choose from (UPS, USPS, etc.), and clients indicate the shipping method for each order when orders are posted.


Q: What’s the turnaround from placing orders?

A: Bookmobile ships stock on hand in 48 hours or less.


Q: Can edits or updates be made to files for new editions?

A: Yes. This will involve new set-up fees.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact us.