Bookmobile is happy to announce a new partnership with Ware-Pak!

Bookmobile has custom fit an Automatic Replenishment Program for Ware-Pak’s client publishers. Located in University Park, Illinois, Ware-Pak offers total supply chain control to leading publishers, trade, and professional organizations. With Ware-Pak’s strong focus on providing excellent customer service and custom solutions to its clients, Bookmobile is a natural partner.

Ware-Pak’s ARP through Bookmobile enables Ware-Pak publishers to operate on a zero-inventory model, while maintaining high print production standards with multiple printing and binding options. Publishers can lower their overhead and quicken their cash flow and still utilize Ware-Pak’s fulfillment, distribution, customized packaging, assembly, kitting, returns processing, and more.

What are the benefits?
The publisher does not pay for printing until a book is sold.
With Bookmobile’s ARP, publishers are not limited to plain vanilla black-and-white paperbacks. Bookmobile can do paperback, hardcover, and color interiors, with more options available on a title-by-title basis.

How does it work?
Publishers sign on via Ware-Pak.
Publishers furnish print files to Bookmobile, and Bookmobile furnishes proofs back to the publisher for approval.
Bookmobile maintains inventory for a two-week demand in conjunction with Ware-Pak.
Reprints are delivered to Ware-Pak on a weekly basis.
Bookmobile invoices publishers weekly and no printing is billed until a book is sold.

Also, read how it worked for Barcelona Publishers!

We’re excited to partner with a high-quality organization like Ware-Pak to help publishers transition to a world where printed books and eBooks coexist.
—Don Leeper, CEO, Bookmobile

Interested? Ware-Pak publishers contact Matt Kurtis.
Interested in an ARP custom fit for you? Contact Nicole Baxter at Bookmobile.