University of Minnesota Press has been Bookmobile’s client since 1982, when we were founded as Stanton Publication Services and provided only design and typesetting services. Since then, we’ve added many more services, such as bound galley printing, short-run printing, eBook conversions, and POD, and we’ve provided these service to the University of Minnesota Press as well.

This spring, Dan Ochsner, Production Manager, and Susan Doerr, Operations Manager, came to us with an issue. Their hardcover sales had declined and they were paying storage fees on unsold copies. Offset couldn’t print shorter runs, but Bookmobile could.

Bookmobile looked at their overall print history and run quantities and saw that with their volume, if shorter runs of paperback and the hardcover runs came to Bookmobile for printing, we could discount their prices further.

We’re so happy to have more print work from the University of Minnesota Press! Not only because it’s more business, but because we think they’re one of the smartest presses out there and just excellent to work with.

Our partnership works for the University of Minnesota Press, too:

Bookmobile was a leader in digital book printing in the very early days of the industry, and they’re still on the leading edge today. I have long admired Bookmobile’s spirit of innovation and forward-thinking, as well as their commitment to good value and high standards of print quality. The University of Minnesota Press has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Bookmobile over the years, and we’re excited to see it develop in new directions.
—Dan Ochsner, Production Manager, University of Minnesota Press

Are you sending paperback runs of 500 copies to offset?
Are you paying storage on unsold hardcover runs?
Take a look at your numbers, and let me know what we can do for you!