Moss: Volume One is an anthology of Northwest writing. Started as an online publication, Moss ran a Kickstarter campaign last fall in order to launch the first print issue of the journal, which is an anthology of the first three online issues.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Moss began in the Summer of 2014, and was founded by Connor Guy and Alex Davis-Lawrence

as a venue for showcasing and supporting the talented and imaginative voices of the Pacific Northwest, with a special focus on emerging writers and a mission of celebrating and preserving the Northwest’s robust literary culture. Moss is a community-first project; every issue of Moss is made available online for free, we don’t charge submission fees, and we pay every writer we publish.

Moss successfully raised $4,160 with 101 backers (their goal was to raise $2,400!). Their campaign featured a great video, and the journal they printed delivers on the campaign promise—excellent writing from Northwest authors in a “beautiful, accessible, and tangible print book.”

Printing the Journal at Bookmobile

Moss knew about Bookmobile from the printing and production service we provide for Graywolf Press and Coffee House Press, among other publishers. From Alex,

Bookmobile was incredible to work with, and stuck with us throughout the process to ensure that the final product was well-made and beautiful beyond our (already high) expectations. The move into physical printing was a huge step for us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Bookmobile is a perfect fit for journals. Once upon a time, journals and magazines were limited to either printing 2,000 copies via offset, or producing them by photo-copying, folding, and stapling. But with our journal book printing services, you can now print anywhere from 25 to 2,000 copies, with any of the options we provide.

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After the Kickstarter and Printing

Moss is still going strong, with a new online issue out on Tuesday, January 26. They are also launching an online store to sell the print edition. Buy a copy here! You can also find copies at numerous bookstores in Seattle. Follow Moss for more news on Twitter (@MossLitMag) and Facebook.

Bookmobile and Kickstarter

Bookmobile provides all the services a Kickstarter publishing project might need: graphic design and typesetting, eBook conversion, printing, distribution, and fulfillment. We offer services together in one package, or à la carte. Interested in any of our services? Contact me!