The Feb 17, 2014 edition of The New Yorker has an excellent article by George Packer, “Cheap Words.” It’s an informative look at Amazon’s effect on publishing, and we highly recommend it. Also, Bookmobile is the book printer in Minnesota mentioned at the end, when George Packer is talking to Colin Robinson of OR Books. Read more about what we do for OR Books and some of our other clients who are taking advantage of selling Direct-to-Consumer:

Secret Atlas of North Coast Food, local food, local printing
Chax Press, poetry sold Direct 2 Consumer
Special Guest Post from Hans Weyandt of Micawber’s Books about D2C sales
Another reason to get in there and sell Direct 2 Consumer
Orion Sells Direct to Consumer
College Art Association Sells Direct to Consumer
OR Books & a “digital printing company in Minneapolis” Make The New Yorker

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