Wayne State University Press is a distinctive urban publisher committed to generating high-quality scholarly and general interest works of global importance. Located in Detroit, they publish approximately 40 new books and six journals per year.

Bookmobile has been working with Wayne State University Press since 2005, and when they needed an easy and cost-effective program to manage their inventory, they asked us to propose a solution.

Bookmobile created an Automatic Replenishment Program custom fit for Wayne State University Press’s needs. WSU Press has their own warehouse, and it was a priority to keep orders and fulfillment in-house but at the same time have the benefits of a POD-type program.

We looked at WSU Press’s print volume and determined fixed unit costs for their titles. With ARP, we can offer paperbacks and hardcovers, printed cases, dust jackets, even fold-out map inserts like the book pictured above—almost any option Bookmobile has for printing is available.

Once titles are prepped, proofed, and approved, WSU Press or their warehouse staff can place orders as needed, at any quantity, through our eFirst portal and either ship to the warehouse or drop ship to the customer. WSU Press receives a monthly statement detailing each shipment and the printing and shipping costs.

According to Carrie Downes Teefey, Assistant Editorial Manager and Reprints Manager, Wayne State University Press, ARP offered an excellent fit:

Our ultimate goal was to be able to print more of our backlist titles in smaller quantities more often. We wanted a short-run printer whose quality we already knew and trusted, and Bookmobile just had the whole package—affordable pricing, excellent quality, flexibility, and a proven track record of handling our books. On top of that, the customer service has always been and continues to be exceptional. In our first month of this program, we ordered six titles in quantities ranging from 10 copies to 50. They arrived in no time flat and look beautiful. In fact, I daresay a few of the books we ordered look better than the original offset printings. We couldn’t be happier!

Interested? Our Automatic Replenishment Programs have many options to choose from.

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