University of British Columbia Press, established in 1971 and one of the largest university presses in Canada, needed a short run solution when its distributor, University of Toronto Press Distribution, discontinued its POD program. University of Toronto Press, another great client of Bookmobile’s, recommended Bookmobile.

UBC Press, which publishes 70 new titles a year and has over 700 backlist titles, began working with our Automatic Replenishment Program in July of 2012. Titles were sent to Bookmobile in batches, electronic proofs were approved, and we now have 114 (and counting!) titles ready to print as demanded.

When inventory is needed, UBC Press enters our eFirst portal, places the orders, and Bookmobile prints to fulfill. Orders are shipped to the University of Toronto Press Distribution Center in Tonawanda, New York, then forwarded on through customs to the Canadian warehouse. UBC Press receives a monthly statement detailing each shipment and the printing and shipping costs.

UBC Press’s reprint program has benefited greatly from our recent move to Bookmobile, which produces high-quality short-run books at a reasonable price. Besides the books themselves and its easy-to-use eFirst portal, Bookmobile boasts an extra friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable customer service team whose members are a pleasure to work with.
—Megan Brand, Editor, UBC Press

Interested? Our Automatic Replenishment Program has many options to choose from, including maintaining inventory at your distributor’s warehouse and/or website fulfillment for your Direct-to-Consumer sales. Contact Nicole Baxter for more information!