On November 30, 2012, OR Books‘ new title by Julian Assange, Cypherpunks, was featured on the front page of Boing Boing. Sales increased tremendously, and all sales were Direct-to-Consumer from the OR Books website and printed and fulfilled by Bookmobile. It was great! It was exciting!

But what was also really cool to see was that sales for OR Books’s other titles increased by 200% that week and even showed an increase of 20% the week after. Readers were visiting the OR Books website and buying not just Cypherpunks, but other OR Books titles as well. Granted, this was a special case: a Boing Boing feature drives a lot of traffic, and it was a great title for that audience. It was a surprisingly big jump in sales though and reminded all of us of the opportunity to introduce a new audience to new titles when you get great press.

It’s important to get in there and sell Direct-to-Consumer! Get that data on your readers. When you receive great press, win awards and prizes, link the title to your website and see what else readers buy. Direct-to-Consumer means higher profits for you, AND it gives you invaluable information. It might be a small segment of your sales now, but that number can grow, and just think what you can learn from the analytics.

And if selling Direct-to-Consumer is a hassle for you logistically, Bookmobile has a solution for that. Contact me, Nicole Baxter, for more information.