. . . and Bookmobile is pleased to be listed as a publishing resource!

Bookmobile is so happy to be included on Kickstarter’s brand-new Resources page, just launched last week. Kickstarter wants all the projects they see to succeed, and they are building out more and more support for their creators to make that happen. The Resource page is just one piece—for example, if you are already a Kickstarter Creator, you can also check out the Kickstarter Campus. Creators, successful and unsuccessful, who have already been through the process give tips on how to run the best campaign and what to look for when working with vendors.

Bookmobile provides printing, fulfillment, and print distribution to the trade for Kickstarter Creators who are publishing books. We have been working with traditional publishers as well as artists, museums, and galleries for over 33 years, and we bring that experience to every book we print.

Here’s what Creators should know about us. We are a short-run digital printer, and we produce all books in house to ensure our high quality standards are achieved. Bookmobile is the only short-run digital book printer that provides a wide range of options such as flexible trim sizescolor insertsfoil stamping on paperback coversdebossing, embossing, translucent vellum dust jackets or insertsend sheets for paperbacksFrench flaps, and more. See our Gallery for a sampling of the incredible variety we offer.

We also offer fulfillment and/or print distribution to the trade via our sister company, Itasca Books, which is right next-door to our printshop. So we can take care of fulfilling backer rewards, as well as fulfilling orders from websites. Besides fulfilling backer rewards, we can warehouse books and fulfill orders for books sold online. And while selling to bookstores does not work for every creator and every project, when it does, we can sell books to bookstores on behalf of Creators as well.

Ready to get started? The best place to start is with a Quote so you can set your budget. Also, read our Kickstarter series on our Blog, for great information on budgeting, selling your book, and case studies from other projects we’ve seen.

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