The Tailor’s Sword is a new Kickststarter children’s book written by Katelyn Forster and illustrated by Kerilynn Ayers. The Tailor’s Sword is a classic tale of a dragon with a drudge—the tailor’s bride becomes a hideous hag and it ends up taking more than slaying the dragon to save her.

The Kickstarter

Katelyn Forster, Daniel Forster, and Kerilynn Ayers ran a great Kickstarter campaign in the Fall and raised $4,534 to bring their children’s book to life. When the Kickstarter launched, the book was already written and illustrated. The goal was to raise funds for the printing and to be able to deliver books in time for Christmas—and they were successful!

Children’s Book Printing at Bookmobile

I worked with Daniel Forster on the printing and production. Daniel manages Doorposts, a website that provides Bible-based products, including books, that help parents apply Scripture in the home. So thanks to Daniel’s background, the files were well-prepared. The order came in to Bookmobile at the end of October, and with a quick ok to print on printed proofs, we shipped by the end of November.

The Tailor’s Sword is a hardcover book with a printed case. It’s 10″ x 8″ (odd or landscape trim sizes are not a problem at Bookmobile), and the 30 interior pages printed 4-color on 100-lb. gloss-coated white stock. Determining the size and paper best suited to show off the illustrations (example below) was critical!

kickstarter children's book printing


The case was laminated with gloss, for durability, and Daniel chose forest green end sheets, which compliment the cover art nicely.

Interested in purchasing the book? You can find it here.

Why Bookmobile for Kickstarter?

Bookmobile provides all the services a Kickstarter publishing project might need: graphic design and typesettingeBook conversionprintingdistribution, and fulfillment. Our short-run print quality is excellent, our pricing is affordable, and we offer many options, like square trim sizestranslucent vellum insertsfoil stamping on paperback covers, and more. Browse our Gallery to see the full breadth of what we offer! And with a minimum run quantity of just 25 copies, Kickstarter creators can print short runs and order reprints as needed—which means no worries about storing inventory or cash flow complications. Get a printing quote here!

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