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Easy online sales and more money in your pocket.

A seamless extension of Bookmobile’s craft digital printing experience, our Itasca Books online bookstore is your complete platform for online sales. From setup to fulfillment, we handle all the details, while paying higher percentages to authors and artists on their books. And you can still sell on Amazon.

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Online Book Sales

Our online bookstore,, enables you to sell your book easily, and you can opt to sell on Amazon as well. With our Itasca Books online option, we can still dropship orders you process yourself and fulfill your crowdfunding rewards. For sales on and Amazon, we pay you monthly, net of sales fees and warehouse fees.

Choose if

  • You need an ISBN (okay to use your own ISBN too!)
  • Want to sell your book online, but don’t want to manage a website shopping cart
  • Want to have your book on Amazon (and not manage that yourself)
  • You are okay NOT selling your book in a physical bookstore (Barnes & Noble, etc.)*

*For physical bookstore sales, see our print distribution


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