If you’re in or close to the Twin Cities, don’t miss out on the upcoming meeting from the Midwest Independent Publishing Association (MIPA), What’s Happening with eBooks? On November 9th, Bookmobile’s Amy Dvorak and Arna Wilkinson will be giving a glimpse into the world of eBook conversion services. More information about the meeting is at MIPA.org.

At MIPA’s meeting, Amy and Arna will cover:

  • A Brief History and Explanation of the Most Common eBook File Formats: ePub and MOBI
  • A Look Inside the eBook File
  • Reflowable eBooks vs. Fixed Layout eBooks
  • Accessibility: Alternate Text for Image Descriptions in eBooks
  • Enhanced eBooks: Key Questions to Ask Before Converting
  • Bookmobile’s eBook Conversion Process:
    • Preconversion Analysis
    • Quality Control and Proofing
    • Preparing for eBook Distribution: eBook Metadate
    • Distribution Options for eBook File Formats

Bookmobile’s eBook Conversion Services

Bookmobile converts titles into high-quality eBooks at a reasonable cost. We focus on the details of eBook production by going through a rigorous Comprehensive Quality Check after the base conversion and testing your requested file formats on the most frequently used devices. We also provide eBook proofs so that you have the option of going through a proofing process with us. The result? eBooks that are created efficiently and carefully, without huge expense. Learn more!

The Midwest Independent Publishing Association

MIPA is a great resource for independent publishers! With meetings and vendor fairs, MIPA shares book publishing, production, promotion, and marketing information for its members. MIPA also hosts that annual Midwest Book Awards.

Can’t attend the meeting?

We’ve got more information about our eBook conversion services along with general know-how online.

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And of course, you can contact Arna Wilkinson with questions or to request an estimate!