The supply chain issues with book printing paper have eased up, and Bookmobile has added a new book printing paper to our interior paper inventory: 

  • 70-lb. natural Cougar opaque smooth at 385 PPI, 95% Opacity

This brings us to three natural/cream interior paper stock choices, we also carry:

  • 55-lb. natural Rolland Enviro Book A 100% PCW at 446 PPI, FSC certified, 93% Opacity
  • 80-lb. natural Cougar opaque smooth at 350 PPI, 96% Opacity

You can see our current list of paper stocks and materials here, which includes our uncoated and coated white paper choices.

Book Paper Weight vs. Book Paper Thickness

A paper’s weight and a paper’s thickness are not necessarily the same or related. Usually a heavier weight paper has a lower PPI (pages per inch, so thickness), but there can be exceptions.

Paper weight is typically measured by lbs., but Grams per Square Meter (GSM) and points (pt.) are also used. 

You can convert GSM to lbs. here

Bookmobile uses pts. for our cover stock, our 10 pt. cover stock is the equivalent of 100 lb.; our 12 pt. cover stock is the equivalent of 120 lb.

Spine Width

Keep in mind that with a PPI of 385, a 96-page poetry title will still only have a spine width of 1/4″, but that is wide enough for a very tight spine with text that is 1/16″ high. We recommend leaving 1/8″ on each side of the text, because the cover can shift during printing and binding, so you don’t want the text to be right up to the edge or over it when it shifts. Paperback spine widths can be calculated here

Get a Book Printing Quote

For print pricing on our new 70 lb. natural, please contact me for a quote, this interior stock is not yet a choice on our 10-Second Print Quote Calculator. The specs we need for a quote are: 

  • title
  • paperback or hardcover
  • b&w or color interior
  • page count
  • trim size
  • quantity
  • e proofs or print proofs
  • interior stock
  • cover stock
  • cover lamination