University of Toronto Press is one of our favorite and most stalwart publishers. One of the largest university presses in North America, UTP has been a client of Bookmobile since 2008 and has printed over 600 titles (multiple times, of course).

UTP typically prints short-run paperbacks and hardcovers in quantities of 100 or 200. We receive print orders for new titles from their production department, but once a title has its first printing at Bookmobile, reprints are ordered directly from their distributor, UTP Distribution, on a daily basis. We share a title status list with the production department and they are always in the loop about where each title is in production.

We gang UTP titles together twice a week and ship to their US forwarder in New York to cut down on shipping and customs costs. We ship other UTP Distribution clients along with UTP’s titles, pushing down costs even further for everyone. We also send the warehouse manager a detailed report of what’s on every pallet and when it will arrive.

And what we at Bookmobile like best, besides UTP’s volume and professionalism (they are superbly organized), is that UTP takes full advantage of our flexibility and the options we provide. We produce a variety of formats for UTP: paperbacks, hardcovers, interiors with color inserts, blind embossing on cardstock covers, fold-out inserts, and foil stamps on paperback covers. It keeps book production interesting!

Congratulations to UTP too, Circumpolar Health Atlas by Young just came in second place for an ICA Map Award in the Atlas Category! (A 4-color interior hardcover with a printed case, printed by Bookmobile.)

Ani Deyirmenjian, Production Manager of Scholarly Publishing at UTP, says:

Working with Nicole Baxter at Bookmobile made our transition to short-run digital printing a breeze. She always provides a quick turnaround to any of our printing questions, and we are extremely satisfied by the quality of their work and the professionalism of their operation. We selected Bookmobile after conducting a formal “Request for Proposal” process and considered many options—in the end, there was no question about who we wanted to partner with. Since setting up our auto-reprint process, our out-of-stock situation has improved significantly resulting in fulfilled orders and satisfied customers. We highly recommend their services.

Looking for a better short run printing solution? We can provide the flexibility, options, and quality your Production Department needs and can work with your warehouse. Contact Nicole Baxter!