University of Toronto Press is one of our favorite and most stalwart publishers. One of the largest university presses in North America, UTP has been a small run book printing client of Bookmobile since 2008 and has printed over 950 titles with us (multiple times, of course).

Small Run Book Printing

UTP typically prints short-run paperbacks and hardcovers in quantities of 100 or 200. We receive print orders for new titles from their production department, but once a title has its first printing at Bookmobile, reprints are ordered directly from their distributor, UTP Distribution, on a daily basis. We share a title status list with the production department, and they are always in the loop about where each title is in manufacturing. So that UTP Distribution can accurately let retailers like Amazon know when a backorder will be shipping, we also export ship dates to our FTP site for UTP to collect.

We gang UTP titles together twice a week and ship to their U.S. forwarder in New York, which cuts down on shipping and customs costs. We ship other UTP Distribution clients’ titles along with UTP’s, pushing down costs even further for everyone. We also send the warehouse manager a detailed report of what’s on every pallet and when it will arrive.

The Canada 150 Collection

We just shipped 30 titles for The Canada 150 Collection, which celebrates Canada’s sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary:

In honour of Canada’s sesquicentennial, University of Toronto Press is proud to introduce the Canada 150 Collection, a special selection of outstanding books published over the years that bear witness to the depth and breadth of the nation’s history and the diversity of its peoples. These books showcase remarkable achievements as well as uncomfortable truths in Canada’s history, from pre-Confederation to the present. This carefully curated collection includes classic works of cultural, historical, legal, and literary scholarship that have informed and shaped Canada as a nation. A testament to University of Toronto Press’s longstanding commitment to authoritative and boundary-pushing scholarship, the Canada 150 Collection presents works that are essential reading for students, scholars, and anyone with an interest in Canada’s past and future.

About 75% of the Canada 150 titles were reprints with corrections to be applied by Bookmobile. UTP supplied revised covers with the Canada 150 brand, and corrected copyright pages with new ISBNs. All 30 titles came in within a few days, but with eProofs and quick approvals to ship, we still shipped in about two weeks. A flood of orders is never a problem for us!

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