We’ve done two print runs for BOUNTY in the last five months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a third order is soon to come—it’s a gorgeous book! It’s also a great example of the flexibility of short run book printing and binding for managing inventory.

BOUNTY: Lopez Island Farmers, Food, and Community combines photographs, recipes, and profiles to celebrate and preserve the legacy of local food and farming on Lopez Island, Washington. BOUNTY is the result of a 3-year project aimed at the story of Lopez Island local food. The book combines beautiful photos from Robert S. Harrison, Steve Horn, and Summer Moon Scriver, profiles of farmers by Iris Graville, and recipes by chef Kim Bast.

For example, the page spread pictured above features the Lopez Island Shellfish Farm and Hatchery, followed by a recipe and photos for “clams with white wine and soppresatta” and “scrubbed tomato toast.” And if that recipe doesn’t make you want to buy the book, maybe knowing that all proceeds go to the Lopez School L.I.F.E. Garden Program where kids grow and eat nutritous food will.

Short Run Book Printing and Binding

Because BOUNTY has color photographs on every page, and Steve Horn, along with the book’s designer Jane Jeszeck of Jigsaw Design, took advantage of Bookmobile’s offer to run test prints before full proofs were ordered, so any major color corrections could be done in the application files.

From the project manager, Sue Roundy,

We could not have done it without the help from your preflight. We appreciated that Bookmobile was so patient and willing to provide color proofs until we got it right!

We also did a few test prints of the cover, pictured below, so Steve and Jane could choose between our 10- and 12-pt. C1S cover stock, and our gloss or matte lay-flat film lamination.

cookbook printing

The 4-color interior printed on our 100-lb. matte-coated white stock, at 408 PPI. The cover printed on 10-pt. C1S stock with gloss lay-flat lamination. At 8-1/2″ x 11″ with 124 pages, the book was perfect bound with PUR glue, for strength and flexibility (we’ll always use PUR glue for an interior with coated stock).

We printed a first run of 500 copies and a second run of 1,000—the first run sold out quickly! And of course, that’s one of the great advantages of short run book printing and binding: you can hedge your bets. Print a conservative first run, see how the books sell, then reprint as needed. You’re avoiding the risk of paying upfront for books that you’ll have to store for years, and when your first run does sell through, you can easily order a reprint and get it quickly. Our typical turn on a paperback is two weeks!

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Want to know more about short run book printing and binding at Bookmobile? Contact me!