I’m stepping away from blogging about art book printing this week to highlight one of our many publishers who primarily print black-ink-only paperbacks. While art book printing is a growing portion of what we do at Bookmobile, black-and-white paperbacks are still our much beloved bread and butter. Bookmobile is committed to providing economical and high-quality short-run book printing and binding services, with terrific and personal customer service.

About Liturgical Press

Liturgical Press is a theological publisher, located at the Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, and they have been publishing books for the Catholic community since 1926. Bookmobile has worked with Liturgical Press since 2009, mainly printing paperbacks. We have done eBook conversions for them as well—we helped them catch up on converting their backlist, a project that’s now completed (Liturgical Press now handles the eBook conversion of new titles in-house).

Liturgical Press and Bookmobile’s Short-Run Book Printing

Liturgical Press primarily prints their backlist titles with us, in quantities ranging anywhere from 100 to 500 copies. So far, we have over 200 of their titles archived at Bookmobile for reprints, but with every new batch of reprint orders we see, Liturgical Press adds new titles as well. At this point, they have most of their backlist titles available as PDF files for printing, but we still often scan interiors, and covers as well. Bookmobile’s scanning services are excellent—we scan to PDF, treat halftones separately for the best quality, clean scans as needed, and adjust color covers as needed as well.

Besides the reprints of backlist titles, we sometimes print galleys for Liturgical Press, or a rush order of a new title (sometimes in color) that’s needed for an upcoming event. From Colleen Stiller, the Production Manager,

It is a pleasure working with Bookmobile! The quality of their short run printing is high, and they are able to turn our orders around very quickly when we have tight deadlines to meet.

Looking for a better short-run book printing solution? We can provide the flexibility, options, and quality your production department needs. Contact Nicole Baxter!