South Dakota Review, from The University of South Dakota, is a new literary magazine printing client for Bookmobile. The South Dakota Review is a quarterly print journal publishing fiction, poetry, essays, literary reviews, and translations. Since 1963, the South Dakota Review‘s focus has been supporting contemporary writers who are from or are writing about the American West.

I work with Duncan Barlow at the South Dakota Review and I’ve been working with Duncan since 2008, when we first started printing books for his independent publishing company, Astrophil Press. In 2015, Duncan moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to The University of South Dakota in Vermillion. I think it’s a great move, personally—Duncan can head off to the Badlands, Black Hills, or Custer State Park whenever he wants! He might get a little colder than he was in Florida, but . . . .

Duncan wanted to print the South Dakota Review at Bookmobile, but we had to make the numbers work not only for the review, but also for the university’s purchasing department. We work with many universities and university presses, so I’m quite adept at filling out forms, registering as a vendor, and meeting each university’s requirements for pricing. Bookmobile’s print quotes were accepted by the university purchasing department, and we were set!

Literary Magazine Printing at Bookmobile

Short-run printing (SRDP) is the perfect fit for literary magazine printing. SRDP has enabled the creation and printing of so many new literary and arts journals and magazines—we’ve seen their numbers increase exponentially. Once upon a time, journals and magazines were limited to either printing 2,000 copies via offset, or producing them by photo-copying, folding, and stapling. But with short-run printing, they can now print anywhere from 25 to 2,000 copies and receive affordable, professionally produced issues with any of the bells and whistles Bookmobile provides. (See Twenty-One Ways to Embellish Your Print Books for examples.)

The South Dakota Review is what some printers consider to be an odd trim size, but it’s a problem for Bookmobile—we can work with any trim size up to 12″ square. Each issue of the South Dakota Review is 9″ square, at about 150 pages, with black-and-white interior pages on 60-lb. cream trade book at 436 PPI, and perfect bound with a four-color cover on 10-pt. C1S stock with gloss lay flat film lamination. It’s always got great cover art too, as you can see above.

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