Congratulations to Hazelden! The first week of its launch, the Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life was a top-50 paid iPhone app. Developed with Bookmobile, the Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life is an interactive recovery support tool, based on Hazelden’s award-winning evidence-based web program of personalized continuing care for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life app gives mobile access to the program’s best features to the entire sober community.

Bookmobile has worked with Hazelden for over fifteen years, providing at first design and typesetting services, then short-run digital book printing, then eBook conversion, and now, app development.

The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life is the 9th app Bookmobile has developed with Hazelden. This innovative app will help you find the nearest meeting using GPS, share daily inspirational messages with friends, contact your sponsor, keep a journal, track your progress, and it links to other Hazelden apps and eBooks for sale.

Watch Hazelden’s video to see all of the app’s functions, there are many more!

According to Jodie Carter, Hazelden’s Electronic Product Manager:

Working with Bookmobile is always a pleasure. Their team approaches these projects as a partnership where we are united in our purpose to create a great mobile experience for our customers. The Bookmobile team was accessible, flexible, and agile, which is absolutely essential in problem-solving on tight deadlines.

Listen to Jodie’s interview with MPR News about the Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life.

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