The big news is that Incarnadine by Mary Szybist, published by Graywolf Press, won the National Book Award for poetry. Congratulations!

But also, Bookmobile is THRILLED to announce that we get to do a super quick reprint of Incarnadine for Graywolf so enough copies of this award-winning title are in stores for the holidays.

According to Katie Dublinski, Associate Publisher at Graywolf:

Graywolf has relied on Bookmobile for high quality, attentive, and efficient design and production services for many years, and we regularly turn to them for short-run reprints of 750 copies or fewer. When Incarnadine by Mary Szybist won the National Book Award for poetry, we needed a big reprint, and fast, in order to fill orders in time for the holiday season. Within one hour of receiving the request for a bid, Bookmobile offered a reasonable unit cost and promised a turnaround of seven business days for a 3,000 copy order. They then proceeded to ship the finished books a day ahead of schedule, the Monday after Thanksgiving. From start to finish, the process was seamless, and it was watched over with care by the entire team at Bookmobile, particulary Nicole Baxter and Rachel Holscher.

Bookmobile has worked with Graywolf for over twenty years, providing design, typesetting, print management, eBook conversion, galley printing and short-run printing.

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