Here at Bookmobile, we’ve been printing a lot of custom coloring books. Just this week we shipped out Color Me Drone Warfare! by The Cluster Project, a web gallery and blog that “uses multimedia artworks to explore weapons, war, civilian casualties, and pop culture.”

The Artists Coloring Book

Color Me Drone Warfare! is a landscape trim size, 12″ x 9″. The interior printed black ink only, 40 pages on 70-lb. offset white. We perfect bound the book with a 4-color cover on 10-pt. C1S stock with gloss lay-flat film lamination.

Before we printed the first set of print proofs for Jeff Lassahn, my contact at The Cluster Project, we printed out a sample page of an interior illustration. The art was at 300 DPI, so it looked a little fuzzy. Because a coloring book is really composed of line art, which is the same as text or type, it needs to be at 600 DPI for the best resolution. So Jeff went back and worked on the files, and sent us a new file for proofs with the art at 600 DPI. From Jeff,

This is my first time publishing and printing a book, and for a custom project with peculiar requirements, Bookmobile has been very helpful in guiding me along. They showed concern for getting a high quality result, which I appreciate!

Why Bookmobile for Custom Coloring Books?

Bookmobile provides custom book manufacturing; no cookie-cutter templates or trim sizes to adhere to here. We produce everything in house, and we only produce books. So the collected know-how of our experienced staff goes into every book we produce. Our minimum run is 25 copies—we could not maintain our high-quality standards and breadth of options if we were only printing one copy of a book. From you, we require print-ready PDF files; our Support page will guide you on file prep and our color printing parameters.

For custom coloring books, we offer paper from 50- to 100-lb. in weight, white or natural. Most of the coloring books we print are on at least 60-lb. weight. For binding, we offer perfect binding, plastic spiral binding, and wire-o binding. Perforated paper is also available, but limited to 50- or 60-lb. white, a run of at least 100 copies, and a trim size that is 8-1/4″ x 10-3/4″ or smaller.

Interested in what Bookmobile can do for your custom coloring books? Contact me!