Consortium Book Sales and Distribution launched a new app this week: Bookslinger. Developed with BookmobileBookslinger is a free app available on iTunes. Download it here!

Every week a new free story is pushed to the app and readers can discover the excellent literature curated and published by Consortium’s award-winning publishers. Consortium came to Bookmobile last fall to brainstorm. Bookmobile put together a proposal, and work began in January. Four months and a multitude of tweaks later, the app was released!

Julie Schaper, President and COO of Consortium, says:

Bookslinger is one of those ideas that is great in theory and even better in practice. Bookmobile was a great partner in bringing our vision to life.

Watch Consortium’s video to see all of the app’s functions!

Bookmobile has enjoyed working with Consortium for over ten years, from managing the layout and printing of their sales catalogs to working with many of their publishers.

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