We are so pleased to announce that Bookmobile is now a print provider for the Chicago Distribution Center (CDC)! CDC publisher clients can now choose Bookmobile to automatically replenish their inventory at the CDC warehouse.

Chicago Distribution Center

Based in Chicago, the CDC provides print and eBook distribution to the trade for over 100 publishers—that’s over 15,000 active ISBNs, 12 million books in inventory, and over 19,000 units shipped daily. It was founded in 1966 to provide distribution and fulfillment for the University of Chicago Press and expanded its services to other publishers in 1991. The CDC provides warehousing, customer and business services, order fulfillment, returns management, collections, and more. While university presses are the CDC’s main publisher base (such as the University of Arkansas Press and the University of Minnesota Press), they also work with trade publishers (such as Haus Publishing).

Inventory Replenishment at the CDC and Printing with Bookmobile

The CDC offers their publishers automated replenishment printing. In the past, Edwards Brothers operated a printing and binding facility on site in the CDC warehouse. But when Edwards Brothers unexpectedly closed this summer, the CDC needed an alternative solution, and fast. Bookmobile has printed for CDC publishers for a very long time using a traditional model of printing—the publisher orders a print run from Bookmobile (25 to 2,000 copies) and we then ship it to the CDC warehouse. So the CDC’s Director, Joseph D’Onofrio, was already familiar with Bookmobile and our reputation for customer service and quality.

CDC publishers choose automated replenishment printing for a variety of scenarios: to keep a slow-selling or long-tail title in print, to fill in stock for a title that unexpectedly sells out, or to test demand for a new title. When titles are designated for automated replenishment printing, the publisher determines the quantity level that should always be reprinted when an order puts the order out of stock, or when the stock gets low. When that happens, the CDC’s CPUB fulfillment system triggers a print run. Publishers can choose to see a print proof from Bookmobile to approve before the print run is triggered as well. The status of every print run is reported back to the CDC so their CPUB fulfillment system is up to date.  While we’re not operating on site at the CDC warehouse, we may as well be, given Bookmobile’s quick turn and the one-day transit time for UPS freight to Chicago.

Are you a CDC publisher interested in automated replenishment printing? You can contact me for pricing, or Saleem Dhamee at the CDC.

Interested in what Bookmobile can offer to solve your inventory dilemmas? Contact me!