The Project

Bookmobile prints for 826 National and many of its chapters throughout the US (826 Valencia, 826 NYC, 826 LA, 826 CHI, etc.). The 826 chapters publish young writers, and “equip educators to help every student discover the power and joy of writing.” And with a mission like that, we had to make a quick print schedule work for their latest publications!

826 partnered with Paramount Pictures to publish three books of youth writing inspired by the upcoming film, If. With the film If as inspiration, 826 students brought their own imaginary friends to life through writing.

The Quick Print Schedule

We printed three volumes of The Big Book of Ifs; CHI, mich, MSP, NOLA, then LA, Valencia, and Boston, DC, NYC and prescheduled them about a month in advance. 826 had a quick turn on their end with kids writing and their team typesetting the print files fast. Files came in on a Friday, e proofs went out on the next Monday, then all three books shipped seven business days later.

The Production

And inspired by the project, we made a fun behind-the-scenes video of the prep, printing, and binding—with a few “imaginary” friends of our own.