A New York Times article has been making the rounds on social media: Printer Jam: Supply Issues Disrupt the Book Industry’s Fall Season

I am here to assure you that Bookmobile is not experiencing a backlog, we have our normal quick schedules, and we also do not have or foresee a paper shortage.

From our Production Manager Dieter Slezak:

Bookmobile is running at full speed and we also have the option and flexibility to add on more staff and hours to maintain our schedules. I do not anticipate any shortages in paper, lamination, adhesive, or other materials in 2020.

With clean files and a quick okay to print on proofs, our paperback turn (for a b&w or color interior) is two weeks. Our hardcover turn is six to eight weeks.

That’s for any trim size from 3″ x 4″ up to 12″ x 12″, from 25 to 3,000 copies. Bookmobile is a short-run digital printer, but our prices are competitive with offset (there are exceptions dependent on the specs of course). We also have an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.

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Our turnaround does not include shipping. Books are shipped from our plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. UPS Ground and UPS Freight can be up to five business days in transit. Chicago or Illinois is only two business days in transit, Tennessee is three business days in transit, and New York is four business days in transit.

Once you Get a Quote, we can send you a cover template, order form, and upload link for files. Within a business day, we’ll let you know your schedule. You’ll be assigned a Rep who will manage your job throughout production, and they’re available by phone and email for any questions or concerns.

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