We’re happy to announce we have a new matte lamination option at Bookmobile: a soft-touch velvet matte. This is not replacing our current matte lamination—Bookmobile now offers three lamination choices: gloss, matte, and soft-touch velvet matte.

Soft-Touch Velvet Matte Lamination

Our publishers have frequently requested the option of a soft-touch velvet matte lamination. After a long period of testing, we’ve found a material that holds up to our—and our clients’—quality standards. The soft-touch velvet matte lamination is lay-flat (covers will not curl), high-stick (lamination will not peel off), and scuff-resistant. (We will never call any lamination scuff-free! As always, a dark cover with matte lamination will be susceptible to scuffs that are easily visible.)

Our soft-touch velvet matte lamination is more expensive than our standard matte lamination. For pricing, please contact your CSR.

Cover Lamination at Bookmobile

All of our lamination at Bookmobile is high-stick, lay-flat film lamination. When we laminate paperback covers, hardcover dust jackets, and hardcover printed cases at Bookmobile, we apply and adhere a thin layer of plastic to the printed sheet. The lamination enhances the printing—the same covers with no lamination will all appear differently (though not necessarily dramatically different, it’s always noticeable).

Uncoated Covers at Bookmobile

Another book printing trend we see at Bookmobile is uncoated paperback covers. Bookmobile does offer uncoated 100-lb. white and 80-lb. vanilla cover stock, and do we print paperback covers with no lamination. We do not recommend these specs for a cover with a lot of ink coverage—as a digital printer, we print with toner, not ink. The toner can easily scuff and rub off without lamination to protect it. But if your cover design is sparse, an uncoated cover could be a good option.

Our proofs at Bookmobile are printed on the paper and from the printers we use for the final run, and covers are laminated too. So for any of the options above, proofs will show you the color, finish, and susceptibility to scuffing.