The Pinch Literary Journal, from The University of Memphis, is a new literary magazine printing client for Bookmobile. The Pinch is a biannual print journal that publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art, produced by the students of the University of Memphis’s MFA Program. And as you can see from the photograph above, they have great covers! The artwork for the current issue is by Mark Hosford.

The Pinch Spring Issue 37.1 had a first run of 1,000 copies. It’s 6″ x 9″, with 168 pages total. The interior printed black ink on our 70-lb. natural uncoated stock 30% post-consumer-waste, at 392 PPI. There are also color inserts throughout the book—4 pages, 8 pages, then another 4 pages, that printed 4-color on 70-lb. natural uncoated stock 30% post-consumer-waste, at 392 PPI. Uncoated stock, even natural, is a trending choice we’re seeing. Our ability to produce a black-and-white interior with color inserts is unique for a short run digital printer. Publishers can include artwork in a journal, without the cost of having to print the entire interior in color.

The color inserts of The Pinch printed on the same uncoated natural stock as the black-and-white text pages, though we could have also printed the color inserts on a different stock without issue. We carry matte- and gloss-coated white stocks in 70-, 80-, and 100-lb. You can see all the papers we offer here.

Literary Magazine Printing at Bookmobile

Short-run printing (SRDP) is the perfect fit for literary magazine printing. SRDP has enabled the creation and printing of so many new literary and arts journals and magazines—we’ve seen their numbers increase exponentially. Once upon a time, journals and magazines were limited to either printing 2,000 copies via offset, or producing them by photocopying, folding, and stapling. But with short-run printing, they can now print anywhere from 25 to 2,000 copies and receive affordable, professionally produced issues with any of the bells and whistles Bookmobile provides. (See Twenty-One Ways to Embellish Your Print Books for examples.)

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