We have a new natural stock! After many years of service, our 60-lb. natural finch opaque vellum at 436 PPI has been discontinued. We’ve begun phasing it out, and we are replacing it with 60-lb. cream tradebook at 436 PPI. We’re very happy with the cream tradebook! It was a priority for us to find a high-quality paper with a matching PPI, so spine widths will not need to be adjusted for reprints. As you can see from the photo, the color is similar but there is a subtle difference. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a suitable replacement that was 30% PCW (Post Consumer Waste).

How will the transition work? We’ll be quoting all new jobs and reprints on the cream tradebook. You can request the 60-lb. natural finch opaque vellum for a very short period of time. However, in the next few weeks, as our stock dwindles, the price will increase on the discontinued 60-lb. natural finch opaque vellum, but there will be no increase in cost for the 60-lb. cream tradebook. We will keep you informed of the transition and its costs as we send estimates and revisions—we’ll adjust along the way if possible as needed.

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