The custom hardcover books that we produced for Ruskerville are the first printing jobs we’ve received through Etsy Manufacturing. We produced six limited editions of Ruskerville’s weekly and daily planners, and the books are up for sale now (on Etsy, of course).

I met Lou V., the shop owner of Ruskerville, through Etsy Manufacturing, where Etsy shops can “find the perfect production partner” for their business. Bookmobile applied to be an Etsy manufacturer and we were approved. So now, when Etsy shops search for printing and binding services, Bookmobile is a recommended resource. After initial contact through the Etsy manufacturing site, Lou and I emailed directly to work out pricing, and then on moved on to the print orders.

Ruskerville has been an Etsy shop since 2009, has made over 12,000 sales, and has an average review of five stars (and that’s from 3,500 reviews!). Lou sells planners for all occasions, like financial, fitness, and goals; and in many themes, like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and geometric galaxy. Custom planners are also available.

Custom Hardcover Books

All six of the Ruskerville hardcovers printed at 6″ x 8″, with black-ink-only interiors on 70-lb. natural with 30% post-consumer waste. Books were perfect bound and cased in, with natural endsheets. Half the books had a black Pearl linen case with black headbands and gold foil stamping, and half the books had a snow white Pearl linen linen case with white headbands and pink foil stamping.

The pink foil stamping is a new addition for us, and it’s a fun color choice to have. For runs over 100 copies, we can usually special order a new foil stamp color or case material without adding to the cost. Even though there were six editions produced, with three foil stamps per hardcover case, we were able to use the same die on multiple editions, further saving on cost for Lou. Thinking about using a foil stamp on your next hardcover or paperback? Be sure to read our recommendations and guidelines.

Lou received hard-copy proofs for the interiors and hardcover cases, to ensure she’d end up receiving from us what she envisioned. Once she approved proofs, we shipped in about five weeks. While our paperback turnaround is about two weeks, our hardcover schedule is about six to eight weeks—there’s a lot more detail and production work to be done on a hardcover.

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