Bookmobile’s high-quality short-run art book printing services are a perfect fit for portfolio books for architects, graphic designers, fine art and professional photographers, as well as art school thesis presentations. No more oversized leather folders with plastic pockets to showcase your work! Your presentation to a potential client can now be a book, and if designed well, even a story or a narrative that shows the client who you are, what your process is, and what the end results can be. You can’t beat the tactile quality of a quality-produced portfolio book as the platform for your work.

Why Bookmobile for portfolio books?

Bookmobile’s books are archival quality—we work with museums and university presses who have very high archiving standards, and we meet them all—so when you send a copy of your portfolio book or leave one behind with a client, you’re giving a lasting object that’s waiting to be picked up again. A well-designed and -produced portfolio book is not likely to end up in the recycling bin with others’ business cards and pamphlets. Long after the client has deleted an email with a website link to an online portfolio, a portfolio book is often still there, waiting to be rediscovered.

Bookmobile provides custom manufacturing; no cookie-cutter templates or trim sizes to adhere to here. We produce everything in house, and we only produce books; so the collected know-how of our experienced staff goes into every book we produce. Our minimum run is 25 copies—we could not maintain our high-quality standards and breadth of options if we were only printing one copy of a book. From you, we require print-ready PDF files, and our Support page will guide you on file prep and our color printing parameters. We provide paperback or hardcover binding, and black-and-white or color interiors (with the option to do a black-and-white interior with color inserts to save on cost). We can produce about any trim size up to 12″ square, landscape or portrait. We also provide many bells and whistles, like French flaps, foil stamping, and embossing or debossing. Browse our Gallery for inspiration, and check out our full list of options too.

The portolio featured above was printed for Oslund and Associates, a landscape architectural firm based in Minneapolis and Chicago. They’re responsible for one of my favorite spaces in Minneapolis, Gold Medal Park next to the Guthrie Theater. The interior printed in color, and the portfolio features the work they’ve done for clients, including their planning process, preliminary designs, and photographs of the completed project. The trim size is 9″ x 9″ and it’s perfect bound, with a gloss-laminated cover.

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