Last Fall we did a short-run printing of the second volume of Lunar Insurrection, and I became fascinated by this journal. It includes incredible artwork, and the themes of the two volumes they’ve published (and we’ve printed) are, so far, truly out of this world (cue music from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Lunar Insurrection is a mysterious organization; there’s some information on their website, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity:

This website and its accompanying media have been created by The Lunar Insurrection. With this work, we endeavor to consider the moon as a future territory of the human race, and therefore as a charged conceptual space. Lunar Insurrection is an investigation into our understanding of land and its use; the narrative contained within this work is one of mankind straddling the dividing lines between future and past, absurdity and destiny, science fiction and reality.

Just when you think they are completely tongue in cheek, you’ll see links to scholarly articles on international space law and the privatization of space. So it does seem to be a serious, artistic, and theoretical look at the moon as land, with wonderful artwork.

The Short Run Printing of an Art Book Journal

Bookmobile’s short-run print services are a first-rate fit for art books. Lunar Insurrection is printed in limited runs of about 150 copies. The books are 7″ x 9″, printed 4-color throughout on our 80-lb. white uncoated stock, and perfect bound with a matte lay-flat laminated cover. It’s designed very well, as you can see from the cover above and the interior spread below.

short run printing

Why Bookmobile for Art Book Printing?

Bookmobile’s short-run print quality is excellent, our pricing is affordable, and we offer many options.  Artists can customize their paperback or hardcover with a square trim sizetranslucent vellum insertfoil stamping on a paperback cover, and more. Browse our Gallery to see the full breadth of what we offer! With a minimum run quantity of just 25 copies, artists can print short runs and order reprints as needed—which means no worries about storing inventory or cash flow complications.

From the Architects at Lunar Insurrection:

Bookmobile has been extremely accommodating of our needs as a small-run publication, few printers are as flexible on quantities and design options. The print quality is vivid and enhances the artworks that make up our publication. Working with Bookmobile is also an experience in hospitality; their friendliness conveys true enthusiasm for their work, and they show great care in ensuring that the final product reflects our vision.

Future Lunar Insurrections

I hope we’ll see Volume Three of Lunar Insurrection soon. Titled Control Space, it promises articles like Transplanetary Corporations and Extra-Terrestrial Infrastructure. And in the meantime, you can follow them on Instagram.

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