With short runs and an array of custom options, Bookmobile is the perfect fit for a limited edition printing. We’ve seen exponential growth of limited edition runs the past few years, from Kickstarter stretch goal awards, to author-signed hardcovers, to paperbacks printed exclusively as gallery exhibit opening night collectables, to personal family cookbooks.

And it’s no wonder that Bookmobile sees so many special edition books: We can print from 25 to about 3,000 copies, paperback and hardcover, black-and-white and 4-color. And not only do we create economical, professionally produced books with digital printing, we also offer a lot of bells and whistles that add a tactile limited-edition feel to your book, like French flaps, cover embossing, paperback fly sheets, and more.

Limited Edition Printing Examples

The hardcover featured at the top of this article is let george do it from Toehold Press. We produced a split run: a short run of hardcovers and a short run of paperbacks. The hardcover edition includes a dust jacket and printed endsheets, and the paperback edition includes a duplexed cover and French flaps.

limited edition

Above is The Luminarts Legacy Society, a limited edition printing of just 100 copies to commemorate the founding members of the Luminarts Cultural Foundation. It’s a hardcover with a printed case that uses artwork from the painter Angel Otero, a Luminarts Fellow in Visual Arts. The translucent dust jacket has minimal printing on it, so Otero’s artwork is still visible.

limited edition

For Third Person Singular, the publisher, Anomalous Press, provided covers from a letter press. Bookmobile printed the interior pages and did the binding. We frequently bind with letter-press covers provided by publishers, writers, and artists. We supply a template and ask for 20% overs—the letterpress covers can be tricky to set up on our binders.

limited edition

Wind Rose is another chapbook—for this one, Bookmobile printed the covers. The cover printed 4/4—the publisher, Conflux Press, reproduced a marbled paper on the interior cover with 4-color printing. We also added a Rainbow Paragon brown fly sheet to the front and back of the book. Rainbow fly sheets are a great way to add a little heft to a poetry title with a low page count.

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