Dismantling Stereotypes is a fine art photography book by the artist Karima White. Karima is a professional photographer in Tucson, Arizona, and this book collects her portraits of black men and boys.  As you can see from the really well-designed cover pictured above, her photographs are incredible. As Karima describes,

Dismantling Stereotypes is about each individual taking personal responsibility to start the healing process, to counter society’s implicit message that black men are to be feared. The goal of this project is to promote the idea that we can change what we have been programmed to fear—we can look at a man of color and see him “as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value” (Bahá’u’lláh).

Fine Art Photography Book Printing

Karima’s photographs are black and white, but she chose to print them 4-color process on our color printer, the Xerox 8000. The Xerox 8000 gave Karima the deep, rich, black tones she was looking for.

photography book printing

The interior printed on 70-lb. white matte-coated stock at 556 PPI. The Xerox 8000 has a bit of a sheen to it from the fuser oil when we’re printing rich images, and it’s a very nice contrast against the matte-coated paper. From Karima,

This being my first book, I was extremely overwhelmed until I found Bookmobile. Their website guidelines and emailed feedback made printing easier than I expected. Then when I needed the books quicker than planned they were accommodating, efficient, and professional, providing me with a wonderful finished product.

The book was PUR bound with Rainbow black end sheets and a 4-color cover on 10 pt. C1S, with gloss lay-flat film lamination. The book is 10″ x  8″, at 112 pages.

Why Bookmobile for Fine Art Photography Book Printing?

Books are our sole focus at Bookmobile and over the past 20 years we’ve worked on joining traditional printing values with the latest digital printing technology. For photographers, we print test pages in advance of the order, so any major adjustments to the files or the color profile can be done before full proofs are seen. Curious about our printers? Read more technical information at Art Book Printing.