This is the second issue of Diffusion: The Matter of Light that we have printed at Bookmobile. Diffusion is a fine art photography annual print magazine, and with each issue I have looked forward to opening the print files to get a preview of the unconventional photography the magazine features. Diffusion celebrates unconventional photographic processes and photo-related artwork. Blue Moon Camera describes it as

Unique. Thoroughly developed. Well executed. This magazine is made by and for a specific clientele—those interested in craft and tradition as well as imagination . . . It’s the kind of magazine that is worth keeping forever.

The kind of magazine that’s worth keeping forever is the kind of magazine that needs high quality printing and binding, which is what Bookmobile does. As pictured above, Diffusion has a 4-color interior printed on our 80-lb. white uncoated opaque smooth at 382 PPI. The cover is 4-color on 100-lb. white uncoated opaque smooth, with no lamination. This issue is 54 pages at 8-1/4″ x 10-3/4″.

Founded by Blue Mitchell, also the publisher of One Twelve Publishing, Diffusion is published both in print and digitally. I first heard from Blue in 2013, about printing the issue subtitled A Proclamation for Unconventional Photography. Blue found Bookmobile on Ooga Booga’s list of Printer Resources for Independent Art Publishers—a list we’re proud to be on, because it requires a referral. (And if you’re the artist that recommended us, let me know, so I can thank you!)

I’ve quoted a few other projects for Blue besides Diffusion as well and I don’t doubt that even more titles from One Twelve Publishing are also in the works. Some of Blue’s projects may be a better fit for MagCloud, which recently merged with Blurb. For really short runs of less than fifty copies, Bookmobile is not always as competitive on price, though I do think our quality and customer service is always better—resulting from the fact that Bookmobile’s process involves people trafficking your book through production, checking off over sixty quality control steps, paging through proofs, etc. We are NOT a one-at-a-time printer relying on bar coding and total automation to produce a book. (See this week’s previous post to see comparisons of Bookmobile’s pricing and quality versus Blurb and offset.) From Blue,

Here at One Twelve Publishing we are known for celebrating the “craft” of the photographic arts. We have worked tirelessly to promote this type of work and are proud to create a highly-crafted publication to showcase it. Our printer plays a large part in this. Bookmobile’s product and customer service are outstanding. They are the best company I’ve found that feels like a traditional print shop yet maintains a digital operation that makes it possible for publishers like ourselves to produce high-quality, custom publications in short runs. We have also been very delighted with the options Bookmobile has for creating unique print products and Bookmobile has blown the lid off of the conceived limitations of digital printing. Believe me, I was skeptical but after seeing the reproduction quality, Bookmobile’s attention to craft, customer service, and the arts in general, I’m a happy publisher.

Want to learn more about Diffusion? A great Lenscratch interview with Blue Mitchell is online. A five-year retrospective of Diffusion’s photography was on exhibit at the Verve Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and you can still see the artwork that was exhibited online.

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