Perhaps it’s obvious, but here’s a reminder:

Color printing is not just for art and photography books or journals and exhibition catalogs.

We print a wide range of books at Bookmobile; our high-quality color printing combined with the economical option of using color inserts in a black-and-white interior make us a great fit for all subject matter that requires color.

For example, many academic titles require color inserts, like Medieval Herbals, pictured above, from the University of Toronto Press. At 7″ x 9-3/4″, it’s a total of 334 pages, with three color inserts of eight pages each, all printed on 80-lb. gloss coated white stock. Digital files were not available for this backlist title, so Bookmobile scanned from the offset run—the cover and color images were adjusted for color separately from the text, as were the black and white halftones in the interior.

We also see quite a few nature guides, like Native Plants of Southern Nevada: An Ethnobotanical Field Guide. We printed this title for the University Utah Press, from PDF files, with the entire interior in color.


We printed the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary for the city of Minneapolis.  The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary is a part of Theodore Wirth Park, just five minutes away from Bookmobile, and we reprint this title every few years to replenish stock at their visitor center.


Prairie Barns of North Dakota is a landscape paperback with five color inserts spread throughout the black-ink-only pages. From Preservation North Dakota, it includes black-ink illustrations of past barns and color photographs of historical barns that are still standing.


Looking for a short-run solution for your books that print in color or have color inserts? Get a quote or contact me to discuss your options!