Bookmobile has worked with Cabinet magazine for artbook printing since 2011. Cabinet is an award-winning nonprofit art and culture magazine based in New York, printed quarterly. As its website aptly describes, Cabinet “looks to previous traditions of the well-rounded thinker to forge a new type of magazine designed for the intellectually curious reader of the future.”

Cabinet also publishes books, and—you guessed it—Bookmobile handles their artbook printing too. Most of the titles we’ve printed for for Cabinet are from their 24-Hour Book series, which is based on a very fun concept. Each 24-Hour Book results from an event typically held at Cabinet’s gallery space. An author and/or artist are invited to be “incarcerated” in an unfamiliar setting for 24 hours to write a book, from start to finish. After the event, Bookmobile prints the book. (Though not in 24 hours—but only two weeks or less with clean files and a quick okay to print on proofs!)

Artbook Printing at Bookmobile

Cabinet typically prints paperbacks at Bookmobile, at a trim size of 5″ x 7-1/2″—odd trim sizes are not a problem at Bookmobile. We can do a trim size from 3″ x 4″ up to 12″ x 12″, paperback or hardcover, with a portrait or landscape orientation.

Books are perfect bound with 4-color printed covers on 12-pt. C1S, with matte lay-flat lamination. The interiors are typically black ink only, with 4-color inserts throughout. We can add up to 10 color inserts (at any page length) to a black-ink-only interior. Color inserts are often a more economical option than printing the entire interior as 4-color. The most recent title we printed for Cabinet is Archive of the Average Swede by Fabian Kastner. It has just one color insert, a photo of the author writing during the event.

We also printed When Up and Down Left Town, the book featured above, in 2016, and it’s back at Bookmobile now for a reprint. A collaboration between Matthea Harvey, a writer, and Amy Jean Porter, a visual artist, the entire interior prints in color, because nearly every other page features Porter’s color artwork facing Harvey’s text, as you can see below.

artbook printing

Why Bookmobile for Artbook Printing

Our short run print quality is excellent, our pricing is affordable, and we offer many options.  Customize your paperbacks with a square trim sizetranslucent vellum insertfoil stamping on a paperback cover, and more. Browse our Gallery to see the full breadth of what we offer!

Bookmobile can perfect-bind as few as 16 pages and we offer PUR binding for a durable bind for coated interior stocks. And with a minimum run quantity of just 25 copies, artists can print short runs and order reprints as needed—which means no worries about storing inventory or cash flow complications.