A Field Guide to Office Plants is a delightful art book that we printed recently, by the artist Christina Kelly.  It’s the story of an office worker who gets so bored that she starts researching her company’s neglected plant: a Sansevieria. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll notice Sansevieria plants everywhere, and you’ll know their botanical and social history as well. Copies are available through Fuse Works: Multiples and Editions.

Christina produced a run that she printed and bound on her own before coming to Bookmobile. I worked with her to recreate the same look of her first run for the cover. The cover is meant to look like an office folder, and Christina added a sticker with the book’s title.

art book printing

We replicated that cover at Bookmobile by using a ginger uncoated card stock for the cover, and it printed with faint gray lines at the edge, to replicate the embossed lines of a folder. Christina then added the stickers on her end when she received the books (though that is something we can do here, too).

Art Book Printing

The interior (pictured above) printed 4-color throughout on our 80-lb. white uncoated stock and the book trim size is 7″ square. It features the text of the story, illustrations by Christina, and historical and current-day photographs.

Why is Bookmobile a good fit for art book printing?

Our short-run print quality is excellent, our pricing is affordable, and we offer many options.  Customize your paperbacks with a die cuta fold-out insertfoil stamping on a paperback cover, and more. Browse our Gallery to see the full breadth of what we offer! With a minimum run quantity of just 25 copies, artists can print short runs and order reprints as needed—which means no worries about storing inventory or cash flow complications.

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