Bookmobile used to offer an 80-lb. natural uncoated stock and it was very popular. Poetry book publishers and art book printers counted on it to add a little more heft and thickness to a poetry book or exhibition catalog with a low page count. Unfortunately, we started to run into manufacturing issues—like curling—and ended up discontinuing the 80-lb. natural as a result. Ever since, we have been on the lookout for a new stock that would be a suitable replacement, and it’s finally here: 80-lb. vanilla opaque vellum at 340 PPI. Tah dah!

More About Our 80-lb. Vanilla Stock

The 80-lb. vanilla has been in use for over a month now and has had NO curling issues AT ALL. It is a very pleasant shade of vanilla/off-white/natural that doesn’t really translate effectively on an RGB computer monitor, so let me know your address and I’ll send you the updated Text Stock Sampler!

Keep in mind that with a PPI of 340, an 84-page poetry title will still only have a spine width of 1/4″, but that is wide enough for a very tight spine with text that is 1/16″ high. (We recommend leaving 1/8″ on each side of the text, because the cover can shift during printing and binding, so you don’t want the text to be right up to the edge or over it when it shifts.) Spine widths can be calculated here. Page count less than 82? Publish it as a hardcover instead of a paperback (or ask the poet to write more poetry!).

Bookmobile’s Interior Paper Stock Options

With this new addition, we now stock sixteen interior paper stocks at Bookmobile—as usual, we like to give you a lot of options! The full interior paper stock list is currently:

  • 50-lb. natural high-bulk at 420 PPI
  • 50-lb. white offset at 544 PPI
  • 50-lb. white opaque vellum 30% post-consumer waste (PCW) at 548 PPI
  • 55-lb. natural 100% PCW at 416 pages per inch (PPI)
  • 60-lb. cream tradebook at 436 PPI
  • 60-lb. white offset at 438 PPI
  • 60-lb. white opaque vellum 30% PCW at 436 PPI
  • 70-lb. natural smooth 50% PCW at 392 PPI
  • 70-lb. white offset at 382 PPI
  • 70-lb. gloss-coated white at 646 PPI
  • 70-lb. matte-coated white at 534 PPI
  • 80-lb. white opaque smooth at 382 PPI
  • 80-lb. gloss-coated white at 534 PPI
  • 80-lb. matte-coated white at 462 PPI
  • 100-lb. gloss-coated white at 400 PPI
  • 100-lb. matte-coated white at 400 PPI

Questions? Know of a paper you’d love for us to offer? Need a quote? Contact me!