Reasonances and Seeking Faust, Paperbacks with Foil Stamp and Uncoated Cover Stock


Job Description

Scarlet Imprint, based in Great Britain, is one of the leading publishers of the contemporary occult world. We print to replenish inventory for their U.S. distributor, Magus Books.

Project Details

Publisher: Scarlet Imprint

Pages: 174 and 72 pages, 8-1/4" x 9" and 6" x 9"

Text Printing: Black ink only on 70-lb. natural uncoated stock 50% PCW at 436 PPI

Binding: 4-color paperback cover on 80-lb. vanilla finch with no lamination and a silver foil stamp, and 4-color paperback cover on ginger card stock with no lamination

Printer: Bookmobile