The Girls of the Golden West, Hardcover with a Matte Dust Jacket

hardcover book printing

Job Description

We’ve been working with Texas Christian University Press for over 10 years, printing bound galleys (also known as ARCs), paperbacks, and hardcovers. Over those years, TCU Press has made good use of some of our specialty book binding options, like split runs.

Project Details

Publisher: Texas Christian University Press

Pages: 260 pages, 6" x 9"

Text Printing: Black ink only throughout on 55-lb. natural uncoated stock 100% PCW at 454 PPI

Binding: Perfect-bound and cased-in hardcover, cream endsheets, Rainbow Antique cafe case with gold foil stamp, red and yellow headbands, 4-color dust jacket on 100-lb C2S stock with matte lay-flat lamination

Printer: Bookmobile