How much will it cost to print my book?

See Print & Sell Calculator or Contact Us.

How much will I make selling my book?

See Print & Sell Calculator.

Who sets the selling price for my book?

You set the list price for your book–which is the selling price–with the caveat that we require minimum list prices depending on the format of the book.

Does Artmobile provide an ISBN for my book?

Artmobile provides a free ISBN for each book in the Artmobile program. These ISBNs cannot be re-used for other books or to distribute the book through other means because they have Artmobile’s publisher code embedded in them.

Who is the Publisher of my book?

You are the publisher of your books. When we refer to “publisher payments” and “publisher fees” we are referring to payments we make to you and fees we charge you, respectively. See all Artmobile Payments and Fees.

How does Artmobile make money?

Artmobile takes a share of sales made on, and a share of sales made through our Amazon seller account. It also charges warehouse fees for storage, administration and dropshipping. See all Artmobile Payments and Fees.

Will my book be in bookstores?

At this time we are focused on selling online only through and on our Amazon Seller account. Selling through other channels takes a much larger share of profit from you, to the point where you can actually lose money with each sale. That said, we are keen supporters of independent bookstores and would like to create an arrangement to support them.

What is the relationship between Bookmobile and Artmobile?

Artmobile is owned by Bookmobile, and utilizes Bookmobile’s warehouse services. Bookmobile’s printing plant and warehouse are adjacent within the same building in Minneapolis. Bookmobile’s warehouse services have operated since 2005 as Itasca Books.

Will you sell books printed somewhere other than Bookmobile on Artmobile?

Because of the unique cost synergies between our adjacent printing plant and warehouse, we sell only Bookmobile-printed books on Artmobile.

How do I take my book out of the Artmobile program?

You can request remove your book from the Artmobile program at any time. The removal will take place at the end of the month in which you give us notice. If yo u have copies of your book remaining in our warehouse you can leave them there for dropshipping purposes or have them shipped to an address you specify, for which you will be charged our normal dropshipping fees. Be aware that the Artmobile ISBN barcode cannot be used to sell the book through other means and you’ll have to obtain a new ISBN and barcode stickers to apply.

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