We are happy to announce a new service at Bookmobile — Artmobile! Artmobile is an independent online bookstore for art books, comics, graphic novels, photography books, literature, poetry, coloring books, and more!

Sell Your Book Online

Artmobile is for indie publishers—we provide you with the ISBN. We will sell your book on Artmobile.com and you can opt to sell your book on Amazon too. 

Have your own website and book sales you’re making on your own? We can ship those orders for you too. Is your book a Kickstarter? We can fulfill your backer rewards.

For sales on Artmobile and Amazon, Artmobile will pay you monthly, net of sales and warehouse fees.

Printing at Bookmobile

Bookmobile offers paperback and hardcover binding, for b&w and color printing, along with options like French flaps and foil stamping on paperback covers.

We are a short run digital printer, with a great reputation for excellent quality at competitive prices, and we work with many university, trade, and literary publishers, as well as museums, galleries, and artists.

Get Pricing!

You can get an Artmobile print quote here, and it will also calculate your profit as well!

A detailed breakdown of Artmobile’s Fees and Payments can be found here.

Why Artmobile?

Bookmobile offers printing, fulfillment services, and/or print distribution to the trade via Itasca Books. These services are a great fit for:

Artmobile fills the gap for creators, authors, and independent publishers who:

  • Need an ISBN
  • Want to sell their book online but don’t want to manage a website shopping cart
  • Want to have their book on Amazon (without having to do that themselves)
  • Is okay NOT selling their books in physical bookstores (Barnes & Noble, etc.)

*Want to learn more about how traditional print distribution to the trade works? Read this!

Have questions about the best fit for your book? Contact me!