Sell Books to Retail and Direct-to-Consumer

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Sell Books to Retail and Direct-to-Consumer

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Bookmobile offers trade houses, university presses, independent publishers, museums, galleries, and artists an incredible variety of book-printing services. We've built our reputation on exceptional quality control and attentive customer support. Let us devote our services to your book.

Automatic Replenishment (POD) for Direct to Consumer Sales
Print Distribution to the Trade via Itasca Books
eBook Distribution to the Trade via Bookmobile

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About Retail and Direct-to-Consumer Services

Bookmobile distributes eBooks to all major retailers. Bookmobile can print and fulfill books from client websites. Bookmobile also handles traditional print distribution to retailers and wholesalers via Itasca Books. Bookmobile has been providing solutions to innovative publishers since 1982. Join our roster of clients, including OR Books, The Orion Society, and White Pine Press, and ask us to custom fit a solution for your needs.