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eFirst Guidelines

General Guidelines for Publishers

Are you a publisher using Bookmobile's Automatic Replenishment Program to sell Direct-to-Consumer and/or maintain inventory at your distributor? Please refer to our general guidelines below.

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eFirst Guidelines for Publishers Using ARP


Using the eFirst Portal:

  • Use the portal to order office copies, bulk orders, or upload Excel file drop ship lists.
  • Go to http://efirst.bookmobile.com.
  • Log in with username and password. Forgot it? Contact your customer service representative.
  • Go to the order tab at the top of the page.
  • The main page shows all orders, when they were created, when they are due, and when they were filled (and includes tracking numbers).
  • Add addresses to the address book, including office address, distributor, etc.

Important Notes on Backorders:

  • If an order must be deleted, your Bookmobile customer service representative must be notified immediately.
  • Only backordered orders can be deleted.
  • If a reprint is in process due to a misplaced order, a charge for printing may be incurred.

Important Notes on Shipping:

  • Quantities of five books or more should be shipped via UPS (not USPS).
  • Notes to shippers should be made in the COMMENT field. Use this field to note that an order is for an event or has a deadline, or that the shipping method should be adjusted to accommodate a deadline.
  • The MESSAGE field is for your customer. Any messages here will appear on the customer’s packing slip.
  • Your customer service representative does not see the COMMENT or MESSAGE fields. If you are concerned about a deadline, contact your customer service representative, and they will tell you if and when inventory is likely to be available.

Adding Titles:

  • At this time, your customer service representative must set up titles in eFirst before proof or print orders can be placed, or presales can be requested.
  • To set up titles, your customer service representative needs to know full production and metadata specs for each new title, including:
    • Title
    • Author first and last name
    • 13-digit ISBN
    • Job type (book versus bound galley)
    • Page count
    • Trim size
    • Interior bleeds
    • Interior paper stock
    • Binding type
    • 10- or 12-pt. C1S for the cover
    • Matte or gloss lamination for the cover
    • Shrink wrap
    • Cover original (PDF, scan, or from our archived files)
    • Text original (PDF, scan, or from our archived files)
    • Number of interior black-and-white scans
    • Number of interior color scans
    • Proof type (eProof, printed proof, no proof)
    • Bar code necessary (yes or no)
    • Pub date
    • List price
  • Your customer service representative will confirm that the title is set up in eFirst, and you can place print orders and/or start presales.

Corrections or Special Editions:

  • Corrections can be made to titles, but Bookmobile sells existing inventory before selling the corrected version.
  • Special editions are not ideal candidates for eFirst management. If a special edition is necessary, it must have its own ISBN.
  • Once a title is in the eFirst system, it is reprinted until it is out of print.
  • Bookmobile cannot hold inventory when there are orders or attribute certain inventory to a certain order.

Inventory Management:

  • Bookmobile manages inventory, and publishers do not pay for printing until books are sold.
  • Bookmobile works to always have books on hand for orders, but to never have more than minimal inventory.
  • Bulk orders for paperbacks take 10 working days to until shipped.
  • Bulk orders for hardcovers take 21 working days to until shipped.
  • Your customer service representative cannot print books for bulk orders until the order is placed in eFirst.
  • Your customer service representative reviews inventory on a weekly basis and automatically reprints to maintain inventory at a 2-week demand level.
  • Each title’s optimum inventory level is determined by its sales history. If sales spike, Bookmobile may be short on inventory for a few days.
  • Bulk orders prompt directives to reprint.
  • Backorders prompt directives to reprint.
  • If a title shows no inventory and should, check with your customer support representative.
  • If a reprint is in production, the reprint will not show as inventory until books are completed.
  • We require clean, trouble-free print files (and a quick okay to print on proofs) at least 10 working days before the first ship date on a new title.



  • New title, scan, receipt to proof, 10 business days.
  • New title, prep, receipt to proof, 3 business days.
  • Corrections to existing title, 3 business days.


  • Wholesale orders, receipt to ship, 2 business days.
  • Publisher direct orders, receipt to drop ship, via XML or web form, 2 business days.
  • Publisher bulk orders, receipt to drop ship, via XML or form, 2 business days.


  • Wholesale orders, receipt to ship, 5 business days.
  • Publisher direct orders, receipt to drop ship, via XML or web form, 5 business days.
  • Publisher bulk orders, receipt to drop ship, via XML or web form, 21 business days.

Contract Rules

  • Separate distribution or fulfillment fees apply.
  • Order minimum is one copy.
  • Bulk order discounts begin at 50 copies.
  • Bulk orders must be in even carton quantities.
  • Printing is only charged when books ship from the Bookmobile facility (unless storage of a bulk order is requested by publisher).
  • ARP titles may be discontinued with 30 days notice. For Bookmobile-managed inventory, the print cost of remaining inventory (up to 100 copies) is charged to the publisher, and the inventory is shipped at publisher’s expense or recycled at publisher’s option.
  • Publishers must discontinue titles that are out of print, or Bookmobile has the right to discontinue, ship or recycle, and charge for remaining inventory (above or below 100 copies).
  • If publisher chooses to switch to offset printing, Bookmobile-managed inventory will be exhausted before shipping offset copies.

Bulk Order Discounts

  • Ask your customer support representative if your volume qualifies you for bulk discounts.
  • Bulk orders must be placed through eFirst.
  • Bulk orders can ship to multiple locations and still receive the bulk order discount (the orders must be placed on the same day).
  • Bulk orders must be placed in even carton quantities, with a minimum order of 50 copies or two cartons (whichever is larger) per title.
  • If multiple titles are ordered, discounts are applied per title: no mix and match.
  • Discounts may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.


  • Prep costs are invoiced with printing, shipping, and handling.
  • Prep, printing, handling, and shipping are billed on a weekly basis. (Monthly invoicing is available to customers with a history of net 30 days payment. Contact your customer support representative more information.)
  • If storage fees are applicable, these are billed on a monthly basis. These charges show at the end of the month on weekly or monthly reports.
  • If using the Itasca Books website to sell titles, those costs appear on the eFirst billing reports.
  • If using Itasca Books for print distribution to the trade, the eFirst report only includes printing costs. Shipping and handling costs appear instead on statements from Itasca Books.